In the beginning…

When I decided to take the plunge into the sea of blogging, most advice columns said to take a good amount of time to figure out the name.  If the time it takes to devise a blogging name is indicative of my blog’s future success, then I’m already tanking.  While I knew my theme would be faith-based, it took a bit longer to find an appropriate complement.  My first pick, The Contrite Heart, was a name that I thought very succinctly stated my proposed subject matter.  But so did someone else, because it was already taken.  Also in the running was Living On a Prayer, but I thought some searchers may be sorely disappointed that there was ne’er a mere mention of Bon Jovi (I say that prematurely–who knows what could come up!).

What were other aspects of my life that I could incorporate into a thoroughly focused blog?  Being a Christian is central to who I am, as is being a wife, an educator, daughter, friend, food enthusiast etc.  There were too many possible concentrations to narrow down.  But there’s something about my general demographic that would allow me to combine my faith base with a varied combination of other related topics:  being in my 30s!  While there are trials and gained wisdom in every decade that passes, I desired to plug in my knowledge in a virtual way chronicling life as a sinning tricenarian. There are so many of us out there, this has to be a hit (says the naïve novice)!

So I typed in “30 Something Sinner” and created a new identity, just like that. The Christian in me says it’s divine intervention, while the 30-something year-old in me sheepishly wonders if it’s just false hope and not worth anyone’s time.  While the combination of being in my 30s and a sinner may not seem any different than being any other age, it feels different.  And that’s what I intend to share, one of each for each blog: the sameness of being a sinner mixed with the relatable characteristics of being 30-something. While this undoubtedly will turn into a sort of confessional, my true hope is to impart wisdom as I reflect on my sins and how they begin, end and transform me day by day, week by week, month by month. Until I turn 40, I guess!

I will call these reflections “shares”, the reason for which is pretty self-evident, and pray that the Holy Spirit will lead me to post relevant Scripture passages that will awaken and energize the spirit and soul.

In summary, my first post and every one thereafter will be an attempt to confess, explore and reject sin, as well as ponder life in my 30s as it relates to this decade. “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth” Genesis 1:1.  He is forever my inspiration for creating a variety of beginnings and endings in my life.  So here’s to new beginnings, may we all find rejuvenation and better connectedness to God through them.

Disclaimer: Please bear in mind that I am just an average 30-something year-old who has no expertise in any of this, but who believes that we should be honest about our sins so we can grow with God through our confessions. If you don’t agree, that’s cool, but don’t hate.


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