Worship satisfies because it’s as necessary as water, or food, or air for life


Derek Maul: Words and Photographs for the Journey

IMG_7333 11:15 worship at WFPC

WORSHIP: I’ve been thinking about why it is that I enjoy going to church so much; but it’s much more than “enjoy” – worship satisfies.

What I’ve concluded is that church nourishes me in a fundamental way. In other words, worship achieves the same effect as a lungful of pure air, or cool water when I’m thirsty, or a good meal when I’m hungry. Worship satisfies an essential need, one that is built into the foundational fabric of my creation as a human creature.

In a sense, I am incomplete to the extent that I do not participate in worship; and I am filled up when I do. Worship is a natural requirement of the soul, not something supplemental, added on, optional, or contrived.

Sometimes – and probably because of a misplaced sense of pride – I baulk when I think about being instructed by scripture to worship God…

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